Boom Beach Basics

You, as the commander, take care of conquering other islands to obtain more resources and free enslaved islanders from the Blackguard, the badguy of the game. At the same time you have to defend your own base and resource bases from enemy raids.

Build structures

In order to effectively defend your base you have to build structures for producing resources like Gold, Wood, Stone and Iron. With these resources you can build defensive structures like cannons and machine guns. For upgrading these structures it’s needed to upgrade your Headquarters as well. By upgrading your Headquarters you activate additional Buildings, Troops and other upgrades.

Explore the Archipelago

By building the Radar structure you get the ability to explore the archipelago. At this time you can visit other islands and other players that are in the area. You can attack these islands by placing your troops at landing stations on the beach and select the structures to attack. While your soldiers are attacking the structures you can fire artillery shells from the Command Ship.

Attack other players

By attacking other beaches you collect ‘Battle Points’, with these points you can perform Gunboat Abilities. These Gunboat Abilities can be tactical or strategical. For instance you can use Artillery Shells or Flares. The artillery shells do damage to the defending structures and with the Flares you can maneuver your soldiers over the island. These are only two of the Gunboat Abilities, there are a lot more of them. The amount of Battle Points needed for a specific ability goes up each time you use this ability in battle. Every time you destroy a structure, you get additional Battle Points.

Conquer the island

You can conquer the island by destroying all the structures or the Headquarters. With each victory you get rewards, coins, wood and life shards.