Boom Beach GamePlay and Strategies

A Beginners Guide

From the makers of popular Clash of Clans and Hay Day, Boom Beach is another online multiplayer RTS style game for Android, iPhone and iOS.If you are a game lover, you might be a great fan of this online strategic game. This is not the same type of strategy game as command and conquers, but it is a fun fix for mobile gamers that want to control an army in island based warfare.

Boom Beach Gameplay

The game is mostly built with a village development with some ingame currency in an island and the central role of the game is played by the role of building and upgrading your defense, mounting your offense, develop different attack strategies and so on. This game is heavily tilted for the user to spend real world money in app-purchase to get more gems and other in-game currencies. The player has to wait for some ‘real’ time to make any move. So player might be interested to spend real world money to get off those waiting periods.

How To Raid?

After you’ve taken out some initial upgrades, taken out the NPC’s and got familiar with all of your buildings on your island, now its time to get familiar with the raiding procedure.

  • To find other multiplayer’s on the map, upgrade the radar level to 2. This will also expose your village to other players.
  • Upgrading your radar will also explore new islands, resource bases and multiplayer bases with level. You have to explore the unseen parts first with cost of some resource.
  • Whenever a player appears of your map, the game automatically shows up the available resources in the base and takes a ‘screenshot’. Also, after taking the screenshot they can continue the upgrades and other activities.
  • Matchmaking with opponents are calculated over the trophies/medals you have. This doesn’t always mean that your opponent will be of exactly same trophy number. It can fluctuate a bit.

Thus before you go for upgrading your radar, you should make sure your defenses are upgraded enough and that you are ready for total invasion. Here’s an excerpt’s opinion from Supercell- The maker of the game about ‘how matchmaking works’:

‘The new matchmaking will be based on the number of Victory Points a player has. We will try to match players with a similar Victory Point score. This new matchmaking system should address many of the problems in the old system. Most importantly, the new system is more transparent and offers a better self-balancing mechanic: If you get beaten a lot, you should eventually meet easier opponents. We know that the new system will create some new challenges, but we think these new problems are more manageable.’

Resource Bases and Their Role

The main sources of collecting resources are attacking resource bases around the map. For that you have to explore the nearby area and find the perfect base that you can take out with your troops and attack with full efforts. Later we’ve discussed the attacking strategies in another article of us. In the right side of the map, you can explore the output of the cloud.
After you explore, the resource bases are ready for attacking and you can attack them whenever you want. Unlike the NPC bases, the other resource bases are controlled by multiplayer’s. Here are some more points to note about resource bases-

  • You may back and forth with other players online to have control on your resource bases.
  • The contest to reign over resource bases are not only between two players.
  • Weapon levels and numbers can be upgraded or increased whenever the base changes hand.
  • In case, if you get stuck with any of the bases of online multi players, you will have an option to change bases after a minimum period of time- 3 days. After that you can search for another opponent again. However, our suggestion is not to give up with any bases like this. Instead of that, wait fro getting your troops and weapons upgraded and keep trying.
  • A good thing is- whenever you take down any of the bases, it will be fully under your control. That means you can move the buildings around, upgrade the buildings, increase resource collectors or whatever you want. But remember that managing too man resource bases gets harder with time.

Removing trees can help in two ways- provide you woods as resource and clear up the space to move the buildings.

Troops, Buildings, Battle Boats and Army

Battle Boats


The Gunboat and its Artillery weapon is the very crucial and basic weapon you will have in the beginning of the game. To fire more shots while attacking, gunboats need to be upgraded as soon as possible. So upgrading this gunboat should one of your main concerns in the game. After obtaining dark power stones, gunboat energy will be increased to a significant level.

Landing Crafts

Landing crafts can be upgraded quite cheaply than other battle boats and each extra space located on the landing craft can be another Rifleman that can boost your attack plan. Also, sometimes you can take an extra heavy to increase the “tankiness’’ of your army.

Base Buildings

The Town Hall

Same like Clash of Clans- other popular game from supercell, you should have used every single opportunity of upgrading the Head Quarter. By upgrading the Head quarter, new defense buildings and opportunity of getting more troops will be unlocked. But matchmaking strategy in multiplayer battle doesn’t consider the HQ level that much.

See what you get at each HQ level!


Your troops will be in stronger aggression in attacks and also the gunboat ammunition potential will also increase after upgrading the Armory. This will also upgrade your artillery which will increase the damage percentage of the defenses buildings. That means, suppose you can take of any troops with three canon shots instead of four. So this important upgrade requires a large amount of gold and obviously, you have to fight to collect the resource.

Sniper Tower

The Sniper Tower has great firing range and also massive damage which will be effective to prevent every types of opposition troops. Few more facts to keep in mind-

  • While placing the sniper tower, don’t forget of placing it in a position so that it can protect the low range defense buildings and also can ensure the safety of the Head Quarter.
  • Try to ensure that, sniper tower don’t be the first target of the attacking troops. And obviously your opposition will try to take out the sniper tower first. So ensure maximum cover for this.
  • An upgraded Heavy can receive so many shots from the sniper tower before dying, so having high damage defenses like Cannons defending them is a good idea.


The canons can fire long range bombs which damage multiple units in an area.

  • Effective against masses of low HP units such as Zookas and Riflemen
  • You can unlock canon at a Head Quarter level of 6. This is very destructive against troops of large hit points like Warriors, Heavies, and Tanks.
  • An important level of canons is level 3. Because, at level three, each canon has a hit point of 2370. Thus it can receive two artillery shots and a third shot is required to destroy each canon. So it can cause damage to opponent troops for a much longer period of time. Thus upgrading your canon level to level 3 is a massive step to defense against strong attacks from opponents of HQ level 7-9.

Troops and Army

The Heavy

The Heavy is a staple of almost all of the troops of the game. Having so many various virtues in it, it’s one of the most important troops that can be use effectively. It’s the backbone of any attack and protects Rifleman and Zookas from damages. So a priority should be given on upgrading the Heavy whenever you get enough resources so that a bit of health and damage are added. Know some more on Heavy:

  • Rivals against Canons and Sniper Towers.
  • Can easily absorb shots form Machine Guns, Flamethrowers and Mortars.

The Zooka

The Zooka is a massive and offensive unit and a vital part of the Heavy + Zooka (Hooka)attacking combination. Some upgrades to this troop and it will unleash the damage and health in a significant rate. Some other facts are-

  • Zookas can cause a huge damage to the opponent buildings but are little bit sensitive to attacks. So keep them after Heavies or Riflemen to avoid vital damage to their health.

Base Layout, Building Placement and Base Defense

The very first criteria of the business are to build a offensive defense and to learn different attack strategies. Remember the Head quarter is the brain and the core of the base of yours. All of your defense strategies are to protect the HQ anyway. Avoid wrong placements of traps and bombs. Also ensure regular collection of statues.

Some Crucial Tips for Gameplay:

  • Ensure the HQ position in such a way that the defense covers maximum security of the HQ- from front and sides.
  • Non-essential buildings can be used to protect the defense buildings like canon, mortar, sniper tower etc. Also, don’t forget that destroying non0essential buildings will also provide the opponent destruction percentage and gunboat energy.
  • A small spacing of 1 small unit between the non-essential buildings and the defense buildings as well. Otherwise the artillery shots can cause multiple damages to your buildings and structures.
  • Remember, if your opponent destroys all of your buildings except the HQ, still you will be the winner. So protecting HQ is the very first concern f base placement.

Most importantly! Don’t place the defense buildings adjacent to each other. If you do so, artillery fires can take of more than one of them with single or double shots; which is obviously a negative side of the base.

Defense and Offense of Boom Beach

Offense Strategy


  • Build aggressive attacking strategies and keep learning newest strategies and try out different combinations.
  • Join active task forces to appear in group battles.
  • Keep raiding regularly to collect resources for upgrades and ammunition and also keep upgrading your HQ.


  • Don’t rush for next HQ level unless and until all of the defense and troops are upgraded to the maximum level. This will eventually turn into odd matchmaking in the multiplayer battle and you might get 10-12 level higher bases to take down; which is obviously tough to do. And resource collecting will also become more difficult.
  • To get matched with easier opponents, try to let your opponents to destroy your headquarter. Gradually, when you medal will get down to a minimum level, you will start getting easier opponent bases.
  • Your resources will be completely unprotected from raids so you cannot stockpile them for a big upgrade.

Balanced/Defense Strategy

  • Having a good defense will let you to get lots of gems and intel. Every successful defense will lead you to unlock newer achievements and statues.
  • Natural resource collectors are there in your village. Proper upgrading if those can add to your resources.
  • Experience of raiding bases will let you to know and gather idea about the effectiveness and HP of different defenses and troops.
  • Sometimes, you may not have enough resources for any upgrade, but ensure the safety of the resources by protecting them.
  • Build up a good combination of defense and offense in order to be a perfect boomer!

Hope you have a good experience with the game and the article might be a good beginner’s guide before you are in the business.