Brawl Stars tips and tricks

Here is our list with some quick and helpful tips and tricks in Brawl Stars that will enhance your game experience and hopefully help you become a better player!

General tips and tricks

  • Some Brawlers are better on some maps and events than others.
  • Long ranged Brawlers are generally better on more open maps.
  • Short ranged Brawlers are generally better on maps with a lot of obstacles and bushes to hide in.
  • Your total trophies is a combination of all your Brawlers individual trophies.
  • Getting more Brawlers will make it easier to advance in total trophies.
  • Matchmaking is based on the trophies of the Brawler you are playing with.

Gameplay related tips and tricks

  • You can use bushes to hide from enemies.
  • Shoot into bushes to detect hiding enemies.
  • When you are hidden inside a bush, enemies can still spot you if they come close enough.
  • When you are inside a bush, enemies can see you if you attack of tage damage.
  • A rotating blue circle under a Brawler means their Super is ready.
  • A rotating yellow circle under a Brawler means they are currently targeting their Super!
  • QUICKFIRE works well on enemies close to you.
  • QUICKFIRE works well on enemies that move straight towards you or away from you.
  • QUICKFIRE is good for fast reaction shots when you don’t have time to aim.
  • QUICKFIRE shoots straight towards the closest enemy and does not take into account enemy movement.
  • When you QUICKFIRE, it will fire your weapon even if there are no enemies in range.
  • Aiming your shots is good for leading a moving target.

Control related tips and tricks

  • You can drag the red control to AIM your shots.
  • You can activate the red control anywhere on the right side of the screen to shoot.
  • You can tap the yellow control to QUICKFIRE your Super towards the closest enemy.
  • You can drag the yellow control to AIM your Super.

Brawler related tips and tricks

  • Each time Rico’s bullets bounce they travel further.
  • Piper’s shots do more damage the farther they travel.
  • Frank stops to perform his attack and Super, giving an opportunity to get out of his range.
  • Barley’s Super is especially powerful at short range, because the bottles land within a small area.
  • Penny can deal a lot of damage with her splash attack if her targets line up.

Lobby and settings related tips and tricks

  • You can use the advertise button to advertise your game room to your friends and Club mates.
  • Getting teammates in a game room allows you to plan before the match and pick a good combination of Brawlers.
  • Friendly games let you pick any event and map. Brawlers will also be fully upgraded!
  • When creating a game room you can directly invite online friends and Club mates to play with you.
  • You can invite people from game rooms to be your friends.
  • You can invite Club mates to be your friends from the Club member list.
  • After a good match with new teammates, you can press the Play Again to play another match with them!
  • Big Game and Robo Rumble events don’t use up the key bar, instead they require tickets to play.
  • You can only change your name ONCE. The option to do so is available at the settings menu.
  • Connect to Supercell ID from the settings screen to keep your account safe and play with multiple devices.