Hybrid Bases

The most common type of base.
Aim: To protect both trophies and resources.
Air Defences and Mortars need to be well spread, but they are normally also fairly centralised as well.
Consider what to protect the most.
You can have an interchangeable layout so you can swap storage’s with defences so that different things are more heavily protected.
Another thing you may wish to do is to place Wizard Towers around storage’s and within range of each other. This way you can destroy large hordes of troops and Goblins and Barbarians easily.
It is also recommended that you have your Clan Castle and Hero Altars as central as possible, so they can cover your entire base. Prioritise the positioning of these defences over Cannons or Archer Towers, which can be placed on the outskirts of your base.
Most Hybrid bases are segmented by walls so that each compartment isn’t very big. This is a good idea so that the enemy doesn’t steal all resources and destroy your Town Hall all at once. Spread out your valuables so they can’t steal it all at once. However, make sure they are still well protected. Make any attacker have to go through at least two walls to get to a storage.