The best Brawler for beginners

“Who’s really the best Brawler for beginners?”

This is both an easy and a hard thing to answer, as it’s somewhat individual for each player…

Brawlers with a super long attack range are a better fit for those players who enjoys Brawling at a safe distance. For others it’s a question about the difficulty to aim proper, where short range Brawlers are much more forgiving, with the option to just auto aim most of your shots with the QUICKFIRE commando.

If these two criteras meet each other half way and merge into one, you basicly have the kit and answer for the most balanced and best beginner Brawler in Brawl Stars.

The big reveal!

Yeah, you might have guessed it already – even if the answer is somewhat boring, the best Brawler for beginners is no one less than old reliable Shelly!

There’s no doubt that this is also the reason why Supercell came up with the idea of letting everyone start with Shelly as their first Brawler.

She has a decent range on her attack that works pretty well on all modes and maps, with a wide spread that makes it super easy to aim. Her huge burst damage let her get away with bad positioning against “in-your-face” tanks like Bull and El Primo, which all on its own makes her so much easier to play than other Brawlers.

Good luck with your future Shelly games and don’t forget to use her ultimate once it’s up! It will most certainly save your life in numerous occations!

Other good Brawlers for beginners

It can be nice to be aware of a couple of other Brawlers in Brawl Stars that’s good for beginners aswell, in order to keep a steady progress in the game.

Besides Shelly, we also recommend: BullEl PrimoDarrylPoco and Pam, which are all relatively easy to play.