Trophy Bases

Aim: Protect Trophies
The Town Hall is normally situated in a main compartment with the Clan Castle, Air Defences and Air Sweepers. If you are a higher level, it should be with the X-Bow, Inferno Tower, and Eagle Artillery. This means that whatever level you are, you need to have a centralised Town Hall that is heavily protected.
There are also normally a few walled layers between the Town Hall and the edge of the base. This may have defensive buildings inside or it maybe one space between walls to make attacking troops destroy another wall layer. Either of these methods is an effective way of slowing down potential attackers.
You also need to make sure that you don’t expose too much of your base as you can lose trophies at the one star stage of getting over 50% damage to your base. So you need to make sure that enough buildings are walled around but there are enough layers of Walls to protect your Town Hall.
However, you can lure attacking armies by placing your storage’s outside your walls. This will, of course, lead to major resource loss. If you are clever in your placement, you can cause significant damage to their army while they take your resources. You need to make a slight open inlet into your base where the storage’s are placed. Surround these with defences so when the army is lured, you can almost wipe them out and keep overall base damage percentage low. They might not always target that building, so you will need to ensure that the rest of your base is still sufficiently protected.
A base that has worked for many low level players, that has good offence and defence proving a good base for farming and defence at the same time, is a base that looks like a piece of candy. The dimensions of the base are 12x12x12x12. You will then add square walls off the corners of the square. You should then place Archer Towers and Cannons inside the square, and then put your Town Hall, Clan Castle, good defences, Resource storage’s and anything else important inside. You will want to put Bombs and Spring Traps in the weak points of the base and the Mortar and other long range defences should be placed where it can cover the whole of the base. This base is usually for Town Hall level 5 and lower.)