War Bases

Aim: The main goal here is to prevent enemies from gaining stars (especially all three stars) on your base, making it necessary for multiple attacks against your base.
These types of layouts are very common and can be similar to Hybrid and Trophy bases.
Commonly, the Defences are the only ones barricaded by walls, leaving the collectors outside while Storage’s may be left outside or be placed inside to protect defences.
The Clan Castle is commonly at the middle of the base where it is hard to reach as usually in wars it is more common to have Clan Castle troops in war.
Pocketing, Funnelling and other ways of using your walls are included here.
Troll-like traps can be used to stop the ever important “Clan Castle lure” which many attack strategies need to succeed.
Engineered “anti-3 star” bases lean away from common practices and use troll-like lures to provide easy “2 star” access while preventing three stars. These can include easy access to the Town Hall to protect important defences and subtle rings to funnel troops away from defences.